Manufacturing pewter counters :

Fabrications de comptoir en étain

After getting the pewter lngots we melt them. It is then poured into a pewter mould that we shape on a wooden frame (PLYWOOD 30 M/M OR 2×18 M/M).

For the edge we poor the pewter into vintage moulds 1870-1930 for most of them, for others we use contemporary design

Plates and edges are then welded together, rasped, filed down, curled in a traditional way.

Our pewter complies with EC and US Sanitary Regulation

Technical language for pewter counter

counter with inner raising

counter without inner raising

  • 1 – Topwidth
  • 2 – Edge height
  • 3 – Raising height 5mm or 15 mm
  • 4 – Flat part with inner raising
  • 5 – Wooden plate 30mm or 2×18 mm thick
  • 6 – Backing-wood varies according to edge
  • 7 – Flat part without inner raising

We propose two types of raising for your counter :

  • - Traditional style with a 15 mm raising with or without inner raising.
  • - Modern style with a 5 mm raising with or without inner raising.

We also manufacture flat top counters with raising, edge side and inner side.

Traditional raising 15mm

Modern raising 5mm